Package BASIC

Basic program includes a basic inspection of the employee during his sick leave. All information necessary about the given employee has to be provided in a form. A check-up is then carried out and evaluated, and necessary administrative steps taken. During weekends and bank holidays the fee is 30% higher. Express orders (realized inspection in 24 hours) the fee is 100% higher.

1 visit 499,- Kč € 19*
5 visits 2 499,- Kč € 93*
10 visits 4 499,- Kč € 160*


A fully automated system where employees data resides in a database is used. An optimal plan of inspections is individually created to minimise the proportion of sick days. If the results of the inspection are positive, the employees are given vitamin supplements. If they are negative, the protocol is sent by post and we undertake all necessary administrative and legal steps for communication with authorities and employees. The results of the inspections are immediately available in an archive with secure on-line access.

visits Kč / month € /month
3 3 495,-* € 125*
6 6 495,-* € 325*
10 10 195,-* € 365*
20 19 595,-* € 695*
50 46 795,-* € 1665*
51 and more individually  

* The prices listed do not include VAT. Prices do not include travel expenses if the inspection is due to take place outside the municipality where the employee is working. When changing currency exchange rate plus minus 10%, the price is changing proportionately.

About us

  • The AC Agent project forms part of Analyst Centres business-to-business services portfolio. It responds to the increasing demand for ensuring that the conditions of sick leave are adhered to, and to changes valid from Jan 2009. We cooperate with the reputable law firm Advokacie Praha. Given that our product offers a comprehensive range of services including legal assistance and a bonus plan, it ranks among the very best currently on offer in the Czech Republic.