Your five advantages

  1. Legal services included in the price - comprehensive legal coverage, involving representation of the employer in possible court cases, etc., forms part of the service. Please read our analysis.
  2. Increased productivity our products have long-term effects. We aim to reduce the frequency of absenteeism, even to prevent it, but we also offer other services that promote teamwork and thereby increase the productivity of your business.
  3. Decreased expenditure - Increased productivity in itself generates profit. According to our legal analysis, if an employee breaks the law, you are entitled to withhold his salary, either in part or in full. Given that legal services are included in the price, this would mean no additional expenses for you.
  4. Secure on-line system - We provide complete administration, including archiving, with on-line access. We prepare protocols documenting checks that have been made and communicate with authorities and medical doctors (GPs). We offer you yearly evaluations, benchmarking and statistics of sick days in your company.
  5. Bonus plan - Other services are offered within the framework of our B2B programme, such as training or teambuilding etc.



About us

  • The AC Agent project forms part of Analyst Centres business-to-business services portfolio. It responds to the increasing demand for ensuring that the conditions of sick leave are adhered to, and to changes valid from Jan 2009. We cooperate with the reputable law firm Advokacie Praha. Given that our product offers a comprehensive range of services including legal assistance and a bonus plan, it ranks among the very best currently on offer in the Czech Republic.